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Dr Moustapha SEYE

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Since 2005, Senegal has experienced severe and recurrent flooding. In Pikine, the most populous suburb of Dakar, the 2009 floods affected a third of the population. The government mobilized major investment for drainage and water retention infrastructure, as well as for development of resettlement sites for affected households. However, little is known about the responses, expectations and solutions of those affected. To address this gap we examine the experiences of people living in the commune of Yeumbeul Nord in the city of Pikine around the flood events of 2005, 2009 and 2012. In response to flood hazard and its impact, local residents developed a set of actions to preserve their housing, workplace, goods, family health and security, and children’s schooling. Household mobilization was focused on flood water management and physical adaptations, including raising septic tanks and toilets. Affected households preferred the strategy of housing upgrading and neighbourhood improvement over the option of resettlement.


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